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Accredited Assessments

We are contractors for the Texas Commisison on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and sub-contractors for Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B). Additionally, STS is on the list of approved assessment providers for Florida Department of Health (FL DOH) and Minnesota Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (MN ELAP).

Shepherd Technical Services has a team off assessors to provide clients with assessments to several standards. We can perform assessments to the NELAC 2003 standard for the FL DOH, ISO/IEC 17025, DoD ELAP for L-A-B and to the TNI 2009 Standard for MN ELAP and TCEQ.

 If you are interested in getting an assessment for FL DOH or MN ELAP please request a quote from

Internal Assessments

STS also performs direct consulting with laboratories and can perform internal audits that will meet the requirements of today's standards.

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